Chinese Christians brave coronavirus to share gospel

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

More than 900 people have now died in the coronavirus outbreak as tens of thousands of people in China have been infection by the virus. There have been horror stories of the handling of the outbreak. Last week, videos were posted on social media which showed Chinese citizens apparently being forcibly taken into quarantine.

In Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, Christians have taken to the streets to hand out masks and share the love of Christ with those in a city who’s been ravaged by the virus.

Their boldness is especially moving in a China, a nation that has been increasingly cracking down on Christians (and other religions), and turning up the fires of persecution on churches and pastors who aren’t loyal to the communist state.

The story was first reported last week by CBN. One thing the article brings up is that since the Christians are themselves wearing masks (for their protection), it’s helping them maintain a level of anonymity as they evangelize people on the streets.

Since the early centuries of the Christian church, it was Christians who were on the front lines of caring for the sick and sharing the love of Christ in various plagues and outbreaks. When these plagues strike, it is the political leaders and the wealthy who run to safety while Christians run into the chaos, tend to the sick, and put their health and lives at risk.

In both China and the western world, society is becoming increasingly hostile to the gospel. But in this instance, it’s an example of the people of God sharing the love of God.

Pray for the people of China and for the Christians who are working to share the gospel.

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Josh Benner is the pastor of Christian Bible Church in Cissna Park, Illinois. He has a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He enjoys writing about faith and culture. He has an awesome wife named Kari.