Chaos, questions, and waiting: election 2020

So many Americans have put their hope in the results of this election, and amazingly, no one is happy. Yet another reason not to make everything in life about politics. It does appear that former Vice President Joe Biden has the inside track to victory. But there will be legal challenges and litigation.

For conservatives, obviously the frustration is that Trump looks like he’s on the verge of losing. For liberals, while they’re happy that Trump looks like he’s about to lose, there still doesn’t seem to be much satisfaction because this election was not the blue wave the pollsters projected and for which Democrats hoped.

The world is not going to end

People on both sides argued why this election was the end all, be all. For Democrats, a Trump victory would have basically been a second vote for Hitler and everyone would die from Covid. For Republicans, blue wave was to be the beginning of the Reign of Terror. Court packing, new blue states added, the abolition of the electoral college, of churches, of freedom of speech, and the second amendment.

Now it looks like Biden will be moving to the White House and it’s likely that the republicans will retain control of the Senate. Which means the next two years will be pretty quiet. Which means that contrary to what we’ve heard all year, this was not “the most important election in American history.”

Stolen election?

There have been lots of concerns of voter fraud. I’m not an expert on election laws. I do trust things will be done in accordance with state laws. But I don’t see any evidence for massive illegality and fraud. I’ve heard lots of suggestions.

Half the country won’t accept the results

We’ve gone the last four years of people saying that Trump stole the 2016 election. Unfounded. People said the same thing about George W. Bush in 2000. If Biden wins, people on the right will say this election was stolen with fraud. If Trump were to shock the world and somehow win Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia, the Democrats would say the vote was suppressed and Biden was the rightful winner.

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