China now allows 3 children, other atrocities, and American silence

China now allows a family to have up to three children.

The fact that a government would ever try to issue such a decree is a true crime against humanity.

It’s also a crime against nature and has led to all sorts of social problems in Chinese society. In 1980, with a soaring population, China instituted a one child policy. There were exceptions for certain privileged individuals, and people could still have twins, triplets, etc.

But the population control measures led to many predictable social problems. Abortions skyrocketed. Only allowed to have one child, many preferred having sons which led to sex-selective abortion. This led to the result of unnaturally skewing ratios of men to women in certain parts of China. It has also led to a disproportionately older population since the government enforced an unsustainable birth rate.

In 2016, China upped the policy from one child to two. Now, they’ve upped the policy again from two to three.

So China restricted the population, punished families with fines for violating it and now they are reaping the fruits of that. And I think it’s just such a sad situation. It’s sad for the millions of lives that could have been lived. It’s sad for the women who were forded to have abortions or forced to be sterilized.

It was a truly evil thing that the Chinese government pushed for decades.

China controls the internet, the regime of Xi Jinping is increasingly cracking down on churches. It’s the country that gave the world Coronavirus and more indications are pointing to the virus having originated within a Wuhan lab. And then they lied about the virus and hid it from the world. They are enslaving Uyghur Muslims in internment camps. Violating agreements with Hong Kong and Taiwan.

They are an evil empire.

But I feel like Americans largely don’t care. Our public discourse revolves around looking at events in America from multiple generations ago and acting as if that’s still the norm today while China is actively committing crimes against humanity TODAY and turning a blind eye.

Earlier this spring, industries targeted the State of Georgia for updating their voting laws. We saw attempts from billion dollar companies to bully a state for a more progressive voting law. It was called racist. President Biden called the law “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” Major League Baseball removed its All Star game from Atlanta.

So massive corporations who profit richly off of the Chinese market and who utilize cheap labor in China could not tolerate Georgia voting laws which are even less restrictive than several blue states in America.

Where are the stands they take on China? Where do they call out the evils of the Chinese government?

Recently, actor and professional wrestler John Cena called Taiwan a country. He profusely apologize (in Mandarin) for saying Taiwan is a country. To be fair, Taiwan and China have a complicated matter. But Taiwan does have their own government, military, and various degrees of diplomatic relations with many other countries. But it was before the premiere of Cena’s new Fast and the Furious movie that he made the comments and in fear of hurting the box office, he folded.

In 2019, then Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morley expressed support for Hong Kong on Twitter. This drew backlash from many in the NBA (many of the same people who want to lecture Americans about police brutality and social justice issues while supporting the Chinese government).

How does all of this fit together? I just find it interesting that so many Americans are so quick to talk about how evil our country is when we have an exponentially worse regime in China. Many of the same industries that are quick to push social justice issues in America cower to the thought of losing Chinese dollars.

Meanwhile, China continues to get more aggressive and oppressive and the rest of the world does nothing out of cowardice. I think it also shows how little these major companies and powerful athletes and movie stars actually care. It’s easy to bash America. That’s the flavor of the month. That’s socially acceptable.

Criticizing China. That is what takes courage. Because it’s a 1.5 billion person market and they can hurt the bottom line. But the sad irony is that if American companies would actually band together and if American celebrities would band together, maybe they could make a difference over there that mattered.

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