Tim Keller announces stage IV pancreatic cancer

I have Stage IV pancreatic cancer. But it is endlessly comforting to have a God who is both infinitely more wise and more loving than I am. He has plenty of good reasons for everything he does and allows that I cannot know, and therein is my hope and strength.Please pray! I know having a God who is beyond our comprehension (esp regarding evil and suffering) is more of a spiritual strength than it is an intellectual problem.
-Tim Keller

Pastor Tim Keller shared on social media that his 2020 pancreatic cancer diagnosis has progressed.

Keller is one of the most popular pastors in America. He founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan in 1989. Keller was an intellectual who could speak of the loftiness of God in a way that engaged thoughtful Christians but also used practical applications and references to the New Yorker and scholarly studies to appeal to the intellectual unbeliever.

Keller also helped found The Gospel Coalition and has authored several popular books which include “The Reason for God” which answer skeptical questions about the Christian faith. He’s also become a popular speaker at theology conferences. 

Keller is 71 years old and retired from Redeemer in 2017.

On a personal note, few people have influenced my preaching and study of the Bible the way Keller has. I think of classic sermons he’s preached on the prodigal son, the fruit of the Spirit, and Jesus turning water into wine. Each of those sermons was a master class in preaching. I’ve been awed by his thoughtfulness. In a world where there’s so much snark and cynicism, Keller has always brought a gentleness. When I saw the update on his cancer this morning, it felt like I had received this bad news about a member of my own family. I love Tim Keller, and I’m thankful for the ways the Lord has used him in my life and in the lives of so many others.