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Uncivil disobedience: looting and riots are counterproductive

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Over the weekend, violent protests erupted throughout the nation and in other parts of the world. Parts of large cities have been turned into urban war zones. Much of the country has been put under curfews.

Any justice loving person was outraged by what happened to George Floyd on Monday. But these riots are not righteous or noble. I see so many people who act as if these actions are above being questioned. It’s madness.

I see so many friends who talk as if these riots are the most logical response, like there’s no other way.

I fail to see how looting and destruction will achieve anything positive or win anyone to the cause. How will that make anything better and not worse? You have great cities all over America where private businesses are being vandalized and destroyed. You have law abiding citizens all over this nation who are peacefully protesting and demonstrating. And their efforts are undermined when people riot, burn down, and loot.

George Floyd and blindness to justice: when video evidence isn’t enough to convince some

Twitter from Law Offices of Ben Crump

I look at comments from some on the Blue Lives Matter Facebook page and the excuses and deflections of what happened to George Floyd are sickening.

Yes, I appreciate our law enforcement officers. But there needs to be a really serious look at injustice and crime when it’s perpetuated by the ones who are sworn to serve and protect the public.

With coronavirus, are we making the cure worse than the problem?

Coronavirus is not the only thing that could cause thousands of deaths this year.

Alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide could be responsible for 75,000 “deaths of despair” according to new studies.

There will be suggestions that more funding and resources need to go to stimulus funds and mental health counseling. For some, those can be the thing that makes the difference and helps them maintain their physical and meant health.

Coronavirus concerns cause sweeping cancellations

Things are getting real. Tonight, President Trump announced the suspension of incoming flights from Europe and the NBA suspended the season. Earlier today, the NCAA announced that the tournament is going to be played without spectators (although at this point, I would not be shocked if they end up cancelling it). Tom Hanks has it. More and more colleges are extending spring breaks or switching to online formats for courses. 

This is all going to get worse. Few weeks ago, everything was golden in Italy. Now the country is shut down. I’m not saying that exact thing is going to happen in America. But more and more people are going to get sick, are going to die, and life will be increasingly disrupted. 

Coronavirus, fear, and theology


Coronavirus continues to spread, causing fear and uncertainty with global markets. There have been people who have blamed the media for sensationalizing the virus and who point to the hundreds of thousands of people who die from the flu every year. There are people who blame China. People who blame President Trump for how he’s handling coronavirus in America. People stealing surgical masks from hospitals. You’ve had major events such as SXSW cancelled. We’ve seen universities close classrooms and shifted lectures to online formats. We’ve seen totalitarian steps taken within China to try to contain the virus (which some experts believe may have been successful). You have Italy quarantine its whole country.

It’s a mess.