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Speed skater who lost out on carrying American flag sits out opening ceremony

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons @Mingo Hagen

Busch league.

Shani Davis was passed over for carrying the U.S. Olympic flag. The speed skater had been tied with luge star Erin Hamlin.

The method of breaking the tie, as was already established, was to do a coin toss, which was the tie breaking procedure that had been established prior by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

The cost of becoming famous


In an international incident, three UCLA basketball players were detained in China for stealing sunglasses. One of them was LiAngelo Ball, younger brother of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. The Ball family has come to prominence in the world of sporting news in large part due to the outspoken patriarch of the family: LaVar.

This week, the family announced that LaVar has pulled LiAngelo out of school (which is still confusing how a grown man gets pulled out of school, but it fits the overbearing m.o. of LaVar). As with everything, LaVar has made a spectacle out of the situation. He tried to justify the players, arguing that they weren’t punished further in China, so why should they face consequences now that they’re back here n the United States?

The Ball family has their own reality show called Ball in the Family, which is clearly their attempt to be like the Kardashians (and the two shows are produced by the same group). LaVar is also often times trying to hock products from their Big Baller Brand apparel line.