Steve Jobs Tribute: an Innovation Icon

Steve Jobs changed the world.

Of the billions of people who have walked the earth, there are very few for whom such an epitaph could be written. For Steve Jobs, it cannot be denied.

Hate Ohio State? Why You Should Root for Fickell

Another tough loss for the Buckeyes. They limp into Nebraska with an offensive line that stops advancements about as well as the French in World War II and quite possibly the worst aerial attack since the advent of the forward pass.

At the end of the month, they play the best team in the Big Ten: Wisconsin. The Badgers are going to be on this Ohio State team like Ivan Drago on Appollo Creed in Rocky IV.

Ohio State – Michigan State: notes and thoughts

As the Ohio State offense struggled through today’s loss at home against Michigan State, I kept thinking, “For this team to win, they’re going to have to score on defense or special teams.” Late in the third quarter, with Michigan State leading 7-0, I thought that break was going to hair happen when Buckeye defensive back Travis Howard narrowly missed intercepting a pass from Michigan State quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Howard would have easily scored a touchdown.

Ohio State – Colorado: notes and thoughts

Photo courtsey of Stephen A. Wolfe - Flickr Creative Commons

Sure. Colorado wasn’t very good.

But after the rancid Ohio State performance from a week ago, like many Buckeye fans, I was only cautiously optimistic about this afternoon’s game against Colorado.