Buckeye National Championship!

Who would have ever imagined that Ohio State would turn the ball over 4 times and win by two scores? Who would have thought that this defense would basically shut down Oregon tonight? Oregon got off to a fast start, made it look easy. But the Buckeyes made the adjustments. They gave up yards, but aside from their touchdown in the third quarter, never got burned on big plays.

Ezekiel Elliott was a beast again tonight. My heart goes out to tremendous players like Braxton Miller and JT Barrett who couldn’t be out their tonight.

Ohio State won this game because they were the better team. Period.

When Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech, they plumeted in the rankings. People down played them all year. People argued they didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs, and every week since the Virginia Tech loss, this team came out, took care of business.

Great heart on this team. Proud of the Buckeyes.


Categories: Commentary, NCAA

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