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Woman will serve no prison time for trying to flush newborn baby down toilet

Sarah Lockner was working at a California McDonald’s on September 4, 2017. Fellow coworkers notice a trail of blood leading to Lockner. She tried to attribute the blood to a heavy period, but a coworker went to the bathroom and found a newborn baby in the toilet. Lockner had given birth during the shift and tried to flush her own child down the toilet.

Synagogue shooting in California leaves 1 dead

A synagogue just outside of San Diego was attacked yesterday. Lori Gilbert-Kaye, aged 60, died in the attack. Three others were wounded including rabbi Yisroel Goldstein.

A 19 year old has been arrested for the shooting. He’s also being investigated for possibly setting a mosque on fire in the neighboring community. The suspect did not have a criminal record or any known ties to white supremacist groups. During the shooting, an off-duty border patrol agent returned fire. The suspect fled and was eventually pulled over and arrested without incident.

Another tragedy and senseless act of hatred and violence.

Best of 2018. #4 No matter how terrible things seem, the gospel shows that there is always hope

As 2018 comes to a close, I am sharing some of my top posts from this year. 

Andrew Stoecklein was pastor of a megachurch in California who took his life last week. I’ve seen many stories shared about this man this week. I’ve seen articles about social media posts his wife has made in the wake of the loss of her husband.

It’s an incredibly sad story. Successful young pastor. Growing megachurch. He had struggled with depression and anxiety. Stoecklein had actually taken a four month sabbatical as he was battling these mental health issues and had returned earlier this month.