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The danger of rabid political correctness – Auto racing driver loses sponsor for comment his father made in the 1980s

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There have been incidents in the past when comments a person made years ago resurface and come back to haunt them.

I certainly don’t want to justify or excuse hateful comments.

But people are also capable of changing. And I think that’s one thing our society is struggling to accept with the social media mobs who attack people.

This week, a story stuck out to me as being a rock bottom of absurdity. Indy Car driver Conor Daly lost a sponsorship with Eli Lilly over a racial slur. Not one that he said. He father said it.

In the 1980s.

Before Daly was even born.

And now his son is paying the price for that 30 years later.

That. is. insane.

Society doesn’t dictate gender. God does.

It’s becoming somewhat of a buzz phrase that a person’s gender is a cultural construct.

This idea flatly contradicts the wisdom of human experience and long established cultural norms.

But more importantly, this thinking contradicts God’s creation. God designed men and women in his creation. Our gender is an essential part of our being. Until the last couple years, our society was in pretty solid agreement on this subject. Today, I still believe most people understand this but there is a culture war, and it’s easier to go along with this progressive agenda than to stand for truth.

Never think you’re too young to make a difference

Some of the most significant people in the Bible did great things at very young ages. David was just a young man when he defeated Goliath. It was a young woman who was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Even the twelve disciples would have all been pretty young. They were following a Rabbi. In that culture, they were probably as young as 15 years old (though Peter seems to have been a bit older). And there are many more examples we could find in the Scriptures.

I think teens have a tendency to look at faith as something for older people.

But the reality is that you’re never too young to start developing a relationship with God and making that your own. You’re never too young to serve God. You’re never too young to share the love of Jesus. You’re never too young to stand up for your faith.

That last one can be a hard thing to do. It can be easy to be influenced by our friends. Influenced by kids we perceive as cool. Influenced by the culture. Influenced by people we follow on Instagram and Snap Chat.