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Doing ministry with an “all things to all people” mindset


In 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, the Apostle Paul talks about being “all things to all people.” In the rest of the passage, he talks about different groups with whom he demonstrates this. While that passage is not an exhaustive guide to ministry, it provides significant insights into how to reach people for Jesus.

Based on studying this passage, and thinking of this in the ministry context of the Bible, I have five reflections over the past few weeks on what it is to be “all things to all people.”

Kavanaugh, society, and the #MeToo movement

The past week has been a circus with allegations of past sexual abuse levied against Supreme Corut nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

I don’t know what this man has or hasn’t done.

I do believe people are fundamentally innocent until proven guilty and that there needs to be evidence.

Some of the moves that the democrats in congress have taken in this process do make it seem like a bunch of political posturing (for instance, them sitting on Dr. Ford’s allegations for weeks and not revealing them until right before a vote. Was that out of their sincere concern for Dr. Ford and desire for her to be heard? Seems like they were very deliberate with that timing).

The whole situation is immensely complicated. 

The danger of rabid political correctness – Auto racing driver loses sponsor for comment his father made in the 1980s

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There have been incidents in the past when comments a person made years ago resurface and come back to haunt them.

I certainly don’t want to justify or excuse hateful comments.

But people are also capable of changing. And I think that’s one thing our society is struggling to accept with the social media mobs who attack people.

This week, a story stuck out to me as being a rock bottom of absurdity. Indy Car driver Conor Daly lost a sponsorship with Eli Lilly over a racial slur. Not one that he said. He father said it.

In the 1980s.

Before Daly was even born.

And now his son is paying the price for that 30 years later.

That. is. insane.