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Miracle on the Hudson – 10 years later

I had just graduated from college and was driving back home to Columbus to take care of a few things. I heard a breaking news story on the radio that a plane had gone down over the Hudson River. “That’s really tragic,” I thought to myself.

A little bit later, I heard another update that everyone had survived the crash. I was shocked.

Leadership comes in a thousand little moments

In our society, when we talk about “leadership,” I think we often think of a general, leading people into battle, someone who’s decisive. And to be fair, there are obviously times where that’s necessary.

But as I think about leadership, those types of situations can be relatively rare.

To illustrate this point, think about marriage. There are big events in a marriage: the wedding day, the birth of a child, anniversaries. Those are really big moments. And those days can all be great days but that doesn’t mean that the marriage is going to be good.