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Lack of substance undermines Christian movies

Jared C. Wilson is an author, speaker, and the content strategist for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s also the managing editor for the website For The Church.

Confession – I’ve never seen Star Wars


I won’t ruin Star Wars for you. In fact, I am so committed to not ruining it, that I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies.

When people hear this, some have a visceral reaction. To some, that basically comes across like I’ve said I’ve never had a pizza, drank a coke, laughed, or experienced any type of joy ever. “WHAT? You’ve never seen Star Wars? How are you alive?” I’ve had various friends over the years hear that, and say “we need to watch them.” The reason why I haven’t seen Star Wars is not about a lack of access. I’m gainfully employed. I could see them. I’m just not interested.