Confession – I’ve never seen Star Wars


I won’t ruin Star Wars for you. In fact, I am so committed to not ruining it, that I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies.

When people hear this, some have a visceral reaction. To some, that basically comes across like I’ve said I’ve never had a pizza, drank a coke, laughed, or experienced any type of joy ever. “WHAT? You’ve never seen Star Wars? How are you alive?” I’ve had various friends over the years hear that, and say “we need to watch them.” The reason why I haven’t seen Star Wars is not about a lack of access. I’m gainfully employed. I could see them. I’m just not interested. Also, there are more people who have never seen Star Wars than you think there are. It’s just that most of them aren’t as brave as me in admitting it publicly.

Last year, I actually did try to watch A New Hope (episode 4, the original Star Wars movie released in 1977).

It was the year 2016. I made it about 25 minutes.

It was hard to get past how bad the movie looked visually.

I know, I know, I’m sure it was really cutting edge at the time. But I’m not watching it at the time. I’m watching it now. And the graphics of today are so superior to the original Star Wars that it’s a struggle to get past. For people who were old enough to have seen them when they originally came out, I’m sure it looked amazing. If I had seen the movies as a kid and grown up loving them, perhaps I could get past the graphics but I can’t. Compared to movies of today, Star Wars is the visual equivalent of a high school musical’s set design compared to Broadway.

I just don’t like science fiction. I’ve tried. Spent a ton of time growing up with cousins who liked Star Wars and Star Trek, and I tried to get into that stuff. Was never my thing. For some, I know that’s hard to fathom. But hey, some people dislike sports, and I don’t really understand how people don’t appreciate the real life drama of what happens in athletics.

If you love the movies, I do sincerely hope you enjoy the Last Jedi.