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A career of adversity: Drew Brees breaks NFL all time passing record

It’s incredible to think about what Drew Brees has accomplished on the football field. Last night, against the Washington Redskins, Brees became the NFL’s all time leader in career passing yards. Sports radio show host […]

The Passion: gospel musical on Fox


Fox aired “The Passion” tonight which was the passion narrative in a contemporary setting, told with popular music. Songs from groups and artists like Whitney Houston, Jason Mraz, Imagine Dragons, Creed, and Jewell were featured. I think it’s helpful to see that popular songs can carry deep Spiritual themes. In a culture that is becoming increasingly less Biblically literate, it’s interesting to tell the story in this way.

All truth comes from God. When music or movies tap into these realities, I don’t think we should turn away. We should embrace these things. For some, this approach will seem too worldly. But let us remember that Fox is a television network and not a church.