7 songs I’m ashamed to admit I secretly love (considering that I’m a man)

The Wanted.

They are an English boy band who has a new song (video above) called “Glad You Came.”

Now – I’m obviously not in their target demographic, but I absolutely love this song. I listen to it multiple times a day.

It got me to thinking: as embarrassing as this song is for me to like, it’s really not even the MOST embarrassing “guilty pleasure” song that I have. We all have songs like this.

#7 – Because The Night – Patti Smith

If there’s one redeeming quality to this song it’s that it was actually co-written by Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen had recorded the song early in his career, but it was not included on his album “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” The album’s producer was also producing an album for Patti Smith. She also recorded the song, included it on her album, and it has been her most enduring single.