7 songs I’m ashamed to admit I secretly love (considering that I’m a man)

The Wanted.

They are an English boy band who has a new song (video above) called “Glad You Came.”

Now – I’m obviously not in their target demographic, but I absolutely love this song. I listen to it multiple times a day.

It got me to thinking: as embarrassing as this song is for me to like, it’s really not even the MOST embarrassing “guilty pleasure” song that I have. We all have songs like this.

#7 – Because The Night – Patti Smith

If there’s one redeeming quality to this song it’s that it was actually co-written by Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen had recorded the song early in his career, but it was not included on his album “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” The album’s producer was also producing an album for Patti Smith. She also recorded the song, included it on her album, and it has been her most enduring single.

#6 Karma Chameleon – Culture Club

There are certain songs that are so much fun that there’s really no excuse not to love them. “Poker Face,” “Mmmbop,” and “Karma Chameleon” all fit into that category. While Boy George has been heavily maligned by popular culture, this song and video are classic.

#5 I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

When the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and 98 Degrees were popular, I was a teenager (their heyday being when I was between the ages of about 13-16). As a guy in middle/high school, you wouldn’t dare admit that you liked any of these groups. But we’ve had over a decade to grow older and wiser, and let’s admit it: a lot of their music was actually decent.

It might not have been the most captivating or most meaningful music we’ll ever hear. But it was enjoyable.

#4 Here Comes The Rain Again – Eurythmics
I’ve never been a fan of the Eurythmics or of Annie Lennox, but there’s just something about the way in which the synthesizer, the lyrics, and Lennox’s voice come together here.

#3 You’re The Inspiration – Chicago

Chicago has such a stereotypically 80s sound, but they were actually formed in the 1960s with purposes of communicating their political activism through music.

But then they moved to soft rock and changed the universe with some of the greatest ballads ever sung.

#2 These Dreams – Heart

In the 1970s, with a male dominated rock music scene, along came Heart led by two Canadian sisters named Ann and Nancy Wilson. It’s ok to like Aerosmith, or Pink Floyd, or Journey. But Heart? Is it that they’re music is overly sappy? Or is that you’re a sexist?

Because they had some amazing music.

#1 She’s like the Wind – Patrick Swayze

I need to make one thing clear. I’ve NEVER seen the movie Dirty Dancing. And I probably never will. While this isn’t necessarily my favorite song on this list, it’s easily the most embarrassing of the group. But let’s all look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves: Patrick Swayze really knocks this song out of the park. Seriously, who even knew the man could sing??

What are the songs you secretly love? I’d love to hear what they are!