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Kavanaugh, society, and the #MeToo movement

The past week has been a circus with allegations of past sexual abuse levied against Supreme Corut nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

I don’t know what this man has or hasn’t done.

I do believe people are fundamentally innocent until proven guilty and that there needs to be evidence.

Some of the moves that the democrats in congress have taken in this process do make it seem like a bunch of political posturing (for instance, them sitting on Dr. Ford’s allegations for weeks and not revealing them until right before a vote. Was that out of their sincere concern for Dr. Ford and desire for her to be heard? Seems like they were very deliberate with that timing).

The whole situation is immensely complicated. 

Society doesn’t dictate gender. God does.

It’s becoming somewhat of a buzz phrase that a person’s gender is a cultural construct.

This idea flatly contradicts the wisdom of human experience and long established cultural norms.

But more importantly, this thinking contradicts God’s creation. God designed men and women in his creation. Our gender is an essential part of our being. Until the last couple years, our society was in pretty solid agreement on this subject. Today, I still believe most people understand this but there is a culture war, and it’s easier to go along with this progressive agenda than to stand for truth.

Your church is not a restaurant: the mentality of consumerism and its danger to the American church


In America, where we have so many options with everything, every business with which we interact lives and dies on our satisfaction.

And we often treat churches in much the same way. Like it’s just another business that we’re patronizing. Where if you’re not happy with a church, if you decide you don’t like something about a church, it’s become so easy just to uproot and go to the next church.

It’s coming from a consumeristic mindset where we want the experience to revolve around us.