The beginning

Ok, there have been umpteen times in my life where I have vowed to start regularly updating a journal, or a diary, or a web journal, or a blog. I feel like the first entry is always an introduction to the fact that I am trying to “stick to it this time.”

I am not going to place the expectation on myself that I am going to update this personal blog on a daily basis, but I would like to have a web platform that is completely open and where I can talk about what I am doing at the moment in more than 140 characters (ya know I love you Twitter).

I think that this could serve valuable purposes in the future.

Just wanted to establish some foundation for what I am doing. This part of my website is focused more around anecdotes of what I’m doing and opinions I may have on things not related to social media (although possibly sometimes related to social media).

If you’re reading this and think, “Why do I care?” My immediate response would be, “Then why are you reading this to begin with?!” If a person doesn’t care about content in my personal blog, then I would give this advice: don’t read my personal blog.

jrb 11/10/10 (which is 58 in binary)