Memory Lane

Tuesday night, one of my college fraternity brothers was elected president on the Bowling Green Interfraternity Council. I had known for sometime that he had aspirations of running for president of IFC, nevertheless it was a surreal moment when it became official. I found myself thinking ”It wasn’t that long ago that I was working on helping to recruit him into Phi Delt.”

Now he’s going to have the highest position in the BG fraternity world.

I was at a function in Bowling Green last month with some former presidents of other large organizations on campus. I was talking with a small group of former presidents of the Interfraternity Council when one of the guys posed the question to the group as to what accomplishment we were most proud during our term. I thought about it for a moment. To me it was interesting because if someone had asked me that question when I was an undergraduate, I would have had a list of things in which I took pride, but on that Saturday a month ago – in Bowling Green – almost two years removed from college, the most meaningful thing that came to my mind was the way in which I’ve seen all of the student leaders at BG who are younger than me and who followed after me grow up and use the entire college experience as a learning opportunity. I am biased, and especially take pride in seeing how people who have been involved with IFC have grown and succeeded on campus. I feel that seeing people who have used their involvement to propel them into later success affirms my philosophy pertaining to the value of significant involvement for college undergrads.

I also feel like it is another reassurance that I am well suited to work in student affairs.

I would like to wish my fraternity brother the best of luck as he leads BG’s Interfraternity Council over this next year, and may it be the valuable and life changing experience for him that it was for me.