Amber Alerts now available on Facebook

I’ve said before that I feel that people increasingly love online social networking, but don’t necessarily love Facebook. But Facebook is the best place to go to connect with friends and relatives and so we go there. With Facebook itself, people are largely growing more and more annoyed.

Well, with at least one new feature on Facebook, I would like to applaud the site today. AMBER alert notifications are now available on Faceboo. Each state has it’s own AMBER Alert Facebook page. You can simply search “Amber Alert” and the name of your state, it will bring that page up, click “like” and you’re set.

It’s that simple.

In case you are unfamiliar: an AMBER Alert is a notification that a child has been abducted locally. It is a collaborative effort with various law enforcement, transportation, broadcasting institutions, and the wireless industry, according to

Part of the point is to utilize so many different types of technologies in an effort to locate the missing person as quickly as possible.


questions/comments, feel free to Tweet @bennernotes (just as soon as you login to Facebook and “like” your state’s Amber alert notification page)