Why your Android doesn’t have that trojan everyone is talking about

No. You did not download the Trojan that is running on Android. Have you downloaded any third party apps from China lately? No, you haven’t, and so you don’t have the Trojan.

I’m seeing a lot of posts on Twitter talking about the Trojan. I think the fact that people like to use social networking sties to spread the word when there are risks is wonderful.

However, a negative is that it can sometimes make something a bigger story than it really needs to be and cause more confusion about whether or not an individual’s phone might have the malware.

Mobile Lookout posted on their blog yesterday that an application which has been named “Geinimi” has been running on recreated versions of legitimate applications (mostly games) on third party Chinese Android app markets.

But it has only been detected on Chinese apps, so you really don’t need to worry about it.

For what it’s worth, in order to even download a third party app on an Android, you would need to go to “Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources” and check the unknown sources box to have the capability.

Also, this application asked for downloaders to give it permissions which far exceed the normal permissions you grant any ordinary application you would ever download in Android Market. Checking the box also brings up a warning that you must ok.

So for the vast majority of Android owners, it would not even be possible for you to get the Trojan.

For people who have checked to receive applications from unknown services, they need to know the risk they’re taking and pay special attention to what they’re downloading.

Also, if you haven’t downloaded Mobile Lookout or some other safety application that scans what you download, you really should. It’s free.


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Link to the Mobile Lookout blog post on Trojan http://bit.ly/f8hTtB