OSU football scandal deepens

No one likes a snitch. At the very least, this is what the movie Goodfellas taught us.

Last night, it was reported in the Ohio State University newspaper that former Buckeye wide receiver Roy Small admitted to selling personal effects including as Big Ten Championship rings while he was a student at Ohio State, which is a violation of NCAA rules.

When it rains it pours.

In the article, Small talks about how numerous players were doing the same things as him, as well as getting discounts on cars, and while they were aware of the NCAA rules, he claims that they did not care.

This is just another installment in a saga of rules violations for the Ohio State football program that dates back to the end of last football season. But why would Small talk now?

I really hate it when former college athletes start running their mouths after they have left the program. With the issues already sounding the Ohio State football program, this just makes things look worse, and to what ends?

Ray Small broke the rules and he got away with it. He will never be punished for what he did. But now, a couple of years removed from being in the program, he takes it upon himself to say that he and numerous other players were all selling items and breaking rules. Why? All that this does is hurts the people who are currently in the program.

Just so he can get a couple of minutes in the lime light that he was never going to get on the football field because he was a mediocre wide receiver who didn’t know how to field punts and who could be considered a poor man’s Devier Posey, he has to turn into a rat and bring more scrutiny on the program.

If Jim Tressel would have resigned from the beginning, I think this story would carry significantly less weight. Ever since it has come to light that Tressel had been aware of players selling memorabilia and getting discounts which were in violation of NCAA rules, I believe that he should have resigned. I do not have anything against Tressel, certainly I know he’s a great coach, but with remaining as coach, the credibility of the football program is getting pounded.