Football player’s decision where to attend college upsets mother

I saw this clip on ESPN this morning and was stunned.

Landon Collins is a star high school football player, and last night during the Under Armour All America game, the stand out defensive back made the highly anticipated announcement of where he would be playing college football. Surrounded by his family, the football player announced he would be playing for Alabama. His mother was sitting next to him, and her disappointment about her son’s decision was evident.

The reporter asked his mother about her opinion, and she said:

“I feel like LSU is a better place for him to be. LSU Tigers, number one. Go Tigers.”

His mother is entitled to her opinion, but when she criticized her own son on national television, I felt that she had crossed the line. Her comments were childish and selfish. It was Landon’s moment, and the fact that she would not show support is unacceptable.

In the decision making process, his mother had the responsibility to make her opinion known, but when he decided on Alabama, she needed to support that decision. 100%.

I don’t care if the kid’s dad is LSU coach Les Miles, his mother needs to support the decision. Especially when it’s between two great football programs. He’s considered by many to be the top high school safety in America. He chose a great and prestigious program.

Collins is from Louisiana, and this is probably a factor as to why his mother favored LSU. I think that a lot of people who play football growing up have a favorite team for whom they dream of playing. But when a high school athlete actually has the ability to play wherever he wants, there is more to the decision process than just picking based on what program he may have grown up rooting for.

Liking the head coach, assistant coaches, university, future teammates, where you feel you’ll fit in best, and a host of other considerations (I would assume) go into the process.

And Collins does have a girlfriend who goes to Alabama which may have influenced the decision. Although keep in mind that he’s still going to Alabama. It’s not like the superstar followed his girlfriend to Tulane.

Alabama is also a better school academically than LSU.

And. Alabama is further away from that scornful mother of his.