BCS title game: notes and thoughts

What is there to say about tonight’s game?

Despite the fact that LSU had been thoroughly dominated in the first half, they only found themselves down by nine. Nothing for the Tiger offense had worked. On five drives, they had four 3 and outs. The Alabama defense was standing on their heads.

But this was LSU. They had trailed in games before. They would come out fresh in the second half and the game would still be competitive…

In the second half, the play calling was largely the same. It is easy to blame LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, but it wasn’t just him. After having several weeks to prepare for this game, the LSU offense failed to make effective adjustments. They were hesitant in the first half to throw down field, and this conservative play calling played into the hands of ‘Bama. In the second half, they took a few more risks, but never seriously threatened.

For the Alabama offense, they were aggressive. For a team that was 71st in passing yards in the country this year, and playing most of this game without their best wide receiver who injured his leg on a punt return, Alabama was throwing the ball all over the field. The Crimson Tide passed on a majority of their first downs on the ball game. The highly touted secondary of LSU looked mortal against sophomore Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron who threw for 234 yards.

While Alabama didn’t score a touchdown until the fourth quarter, their offense was very successful at moving the ball and burning time off of the clock.

On offense, defense, special teams, and in terms of coaching, Alabama dominated this game.

Alabama was not called for a penalty until late in the fourth quarter, and they did not turn the ball over. LSU had two turnovers, and they allowed two big punt returns from the Tide.

For LSU, there were no redeeming qualities to their performance tonight. I’ve never seen a team who was so utterly dominated allow just 21 points. Alabama beat them in every major statistical category, and it was the first time in BCS history that a team has been shut out in the national championship.