Boston Marathon bombing: one man’s response


Any event where innocent people lose their lives and that causes the rest of us to question our own safety in doing ordinary activities like viewing sporting events is a tragedy because it undermines the way in which we function as a society.

I’m a pretty cynical person. And I’ve seen a lot of statuses in the wake of today’s tragedy in Boston talking about losing faith in humanity and asking what the world is coming to. Unfortunately, there will always be bad people. When we see people who go out and cause harm to others, I’m always heartened to see the great lengths people will go to to rush to the help of others, risk their own safety, and search for ways to be part of recovering. We’ve seen tremendous stories of heroism at Sandy Hook, in Aurora, at the World Trade Center, and we will always hear stories of people facing evil at whatever the cost in the shadow of tragedy to rush to the aid of those in need.

I see the picture of a man on the ground with three police officers around him. To me, that image is a symbol of America’s response to today’s event. I feel that it capture the essence of our fellow citizens rushing to help a man who’s been knocked down while also rushing to action.

Like so many people across America and throughout the world, I join in praying for the victims and for their families.


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