What do you do with an empty tomb?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

What do you do with an empty tomb?

On Friday, a man had been put in there. On Sunday, it was empty. Why?

Was it that he had merely been badly wounded but didn’t die? Was it that his body had been removed by his followers?

The tomb was empty or it wasn’t. If it wasn’t empty or if Jesus didn’t raise from the dead, than Christianity is pointless. But if that tomb was empty, then the gospel is true and that reality is more important than anything else in your life.

What do you do with this reality if it’s true? Do you just put it off to the side? Do you say that you accept it without actually believing it or caring?

If Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Easter morning, and you actually believed it to be true, how would that impact how you lived?

It shows that God loves us enough to take the penalty for our sin. It shows that our sins were bad enough to warrant such a serious penalty. It affirms the truth of the scripture which foretells and points to Jesus, while recording his teachings, ministry, death, and resurrection. It shows that Jesus is more than just a good moral teacher. It gives purpose to our lives, and that purpose is to know this God. It gives us hope for the future because Jesus died and rose and the same power that raised him can raise you.

It’s easy to believe that Jesus lived, but there’s no reason to worship him if he didn’t raise from the dead. What hope do we have in our own resurrection otherwise?

What do YOU do with the empty tomb? You can disregard the issue if the you don’t believe he rose. But if you don’t know, it’s a question worth exploring. Not at some distant point in the future, but right now. Because if you don’t know, maybe you’ll discover you believe it’s true. If you do believe it, is it impacting your life?


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