Linus blankets Chicago

Courtesy of flickr creative commons
Chicago is getting pounded by Winter Storm Linus. I was driving to church today and the roads were terrible. I know that they had been plowed but the snow is falling too fast to keep up with. As the afternoon continues, the city is entering a blizzard warning. It’s definitely the biggest snowstorm I’ve seen in my three years in Chicagoland.

There’s one thing I don’t understand about snow plows. When I was driving home from church (just over 20 miles), I counted at least 42 snow plows on the road. The vast majority of them were just driving around to wherever their next site was. But I always wonder “why can’t they just drive their with the plow down?”

You might think, “What incentive is there for them if they’re plowing without getting paid?”


I’m not saying they need to take it upon themselves to plow every lane, but if it’s a major road and it’s already getting covered by snow again, why not do society a favor? I’m also not saying they should use their salt, just help clear the road. They’re driving anyway.

There are roads that aren’t plowed that easily could be.

I’m sure someone will talk about the liability involved, if a plow were to do any damage or get into an accident. That’s a legitimate concern. But that’s also pretty backwards. An accident may happen with someone plowing the area they’re not contracted to plow, therefore it makes more sense for the roads to be less safe for everyone.

A few years ago, I worked for a roofing company that did snow removal in the winter. I know it’s hard work, and in a storm like this, drivers are out for hours and hours and hours.