Contrary to past media reports, Hurricane Harvey shows most Americans aren’t so hateful, after all

There are multiple videos of “human chains” being formed to save people from rising floodwaters in Houston. An old man trapped in his car. A woman going into labor.

Incredible videos of heroism. People potentially endangering their own lives to be good samaritans.

I see those videos, and no one cares who voted for whom. No one cares how rich or poor someone is. No one cares what color someone’s skin is, in fact you see people of different races coming together. There’s no discrimination, or hatred, or malice.

I see those videos, and I think “that’s who Americans are.”

And it’s not just the human chain videos, people from other parts of Texas, other parts of the country taking their own boats into Houston to save people. There will be years of relief efforts with people from all over the country going to Houston to serve and to help the city rebuild.

The fuel that runs the mainstream media is division, conflict, and cynicism. They need it to survive. They must make it seem like everyone is so against everyone else. It’s sad.

But all across the country, everyday, millions of people work together and live together with all sorts of other people, and coexist in peace, and are friends and neighbors. It’s how the vast majority of people are. But more and more, based on what we see online and on TV, they make it seem like reasonable, peaceful people are a rare breed. They’re not.