Happy birthday Beasley

I never truly appreciated the love that people have for their dog’s before we got Beasley. I’ve become a dog person. In a house of introverts, she’s the extrovert. Always the center of attention. She kept us laughing during the pandemic.

She’s relentless when you’re trying to eat food. She will let nothing distract her from a person walking down the street if she can see them through the window. She’ll eviscerate a paper towel or roll of toilet paper if she gets half a second.

She never met a person whose face she didn’t want to lick. She licks my face multiple times a day. Everyday. Never thought I’d allow it. But now it’s too late to try to stop it.

She’s gone from being absolutely terrified of the vacuum cleaner to wanting to fight it. She pushes imaginary dirt on bones that she hides all over the house. She’s strong enough to win at tug-of-war.

When we first went to the breeder, my wife said I could pick. Beasley was one of two puppies remaining and we bonded pretty quickly. she was so relaxed. She just curled up the first time we held her. When we finally brought her home a few weeks later, that relied personality lasted about a day and she’s been a maniac ever sense. It wasn’t what I expected when we got her. But I wouldn’t want her any other way.

Dogs are truly a blessing that we don’t deserve. They’re always happy to see their people. It’s like the best moment of their life when they see you after being away. They’re always there for you.

Happy birthday Bealsey.

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