“Run, hide, fight” is so much worse than you can imagine

Run, Hide, Fight is distributed by conservative news site The Daily Wire. It’s DW’s first feature film and launched on January 15. 

It’s the story of a high school student named Zoey finishing her senior year. The movie opens with Zoey as a child and her dad teaching her to shoot. But when it moves to the present day, Zoey is a somewhat awkward high school student who’s still coping with the recent loss of her mom.

I’ll stop right there. 

The first feature movie that Daily Wire has done is about a school shooting? Seems like a risk. That’s a very sensitive topic. We’ve had several tragic school shootings in this country. 

Reviews for the movie have been mixed. Critical reviews are almost universally horrible. Fan reviews have been more favorable. 

Is it that the bad reviews are just liberal critics wanting to bash something distributed by a conservative news outlet? 

As someone who’s a fan of Daily Wire, I feel like I can weigh in on this discussion. 
Run, Hide, Fight is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Easily. The movie really is that bad. At points, it’s almost funny because it’s so bad. 

Let’s start with the obvious. The premise of the movie is in poor taste. I’m not saying that a movie can never be made about the subject of a school shooting, but if it is, it needs to be done with a little bit of sensitivity. This movie has none of that. It has no nuance. It’s not realistic. 


Some of the reviews compare the movie to Die Hard in a school. I think that’s an apt comparison. A group of gunmen take hostages and the main character is the hero who risks her life to save them. At one point, she’s even climbing through air ducts. 

There’s some Die Hard in there. 


Part of the reason why the movie is so bad is that there is no nuance or development in the bad guys. In the movie, the school is taken over by four shooters (again speaking how unrealistic this movie is). When in American history has that happened with four? Or even three? 

If you’re going to do a movie about a school shooting that’s set in present day America, I think it should be similar to things that have actually happened. 
Instead, you have four shooters. The ring leader is like Heath Ledger’s Joker.

There’s really no reason why he’s doing it. He makes vague and incoherent references to social media. He has a girlfriend who’s also one of the shooters, which also doesn’t really fit. 

For another shooter, you learn about a bullying incident a few years before. 
The lack of development or rationale for these characters makes them all one-dimensional. 


Nothing in this movie makes sense. Also, throughout the movie, Zoey’s dead mom keeps appearing to her in visions and giving her instructions on what to do to protect herself. Adds literally nothing to the movie.

The shooting begins with the assailants crashing in through the cafeteria with a van. No one in the school outside of the cafeteria hears that or gun shots. 
The attackers tell people to take out their phones and notify people. Eventually a livestream gets picked up by the news, but through all of this, no one in the office finds out. 

Eventually, the Joker has his girlfriend cut power in the school, and the office is notified of the shooting, and they still don’t believe it’s real. 

Later in the movie, when two of the shooters have already been killed, the police and swat teams are held at bay as the two remaining shooters fire at them from the cafeteria. There are apparently no other points of entry to a high school.

No one has any plan. The authorities have basically no planning, or coordination. This seemed to be a pretty obvious criticism of the police response from the 2018 Marjorie Stonemen Douglas school shooting in Florida. In Run, Hide, Fight, police don’t get into the school until the end of the movie.

Do you know how long it took the much maligned Parkland police to get into Marjorie Stonemen Douglas? 

From the time the shooting started, police were in that school in ten minutes. 

But that’s part of the message of the movie. If things get bad, no one is coming for you. You have to save yourself. One of the shooters is actually killed by the Zoey’s father who hears about the shooting and shows up at the school and sets his rifle up outside.

I know it can be tempting for conservatives to want to like this movie. But the way to spread conservative ideals is not through bad movies. It’s just not.