Podcast: Steve Baughman discusses Ravi Zacharias and new report of misconduct

A bombshell report was released today regarding the sexual misconduct of late evangelist Ravi Zacharias. The report confirms numerous inappropriate relationships that Zacharias had over several years.In this episode, I talk with Steve Baughman who started sounding the alarm about Ravi’s sexual misconduct while the famed ministry leader was still alive. Steve has continued to follow developments in the Ravi story.

He’s written a book about Ravi’s academic fraud and sexual misconduct called “Cover-up in the Kingdom.” Ravi’s ministry stated today belief in the account of Lori Anne Thompson.

Lori’s victim impact statement can be found at: https://loriannethompson.com/2021/02/08/lori-anne-thompson-victim-impact-statement/

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