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Leadership lessons learned in college

10 years ago today, I accomplished one of my great goals in college. I became president of the Bowling Green State University Interfraternity Council (IFC). When I was elected, there were 16 fraternities and a few hundred fraternity men.
When I was in college, I loved being in a fraternity. They’re still the memories of college I most cherish (let’s face it, I certainly didn’t love college for the classes and homework.) It was being part of something, having a group of brothers – many of whom, I’m still close to. Continue reading “Leadership lessons learned in college”

The eve of infamy and where I was on 9/11

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

Originally posted September 11, 2012

As I write these words, the stresses of everyday life come to mind. I think of how busy I am between school, work, and other commitments. I’m so often short-sighted and allow myself to get frustrated. It’s getting late and I jot some thoughts down before going to sleep. On this night, my thoughts are on the past and with people I’ve never met. Thirteen years ago tonight, thousands of Americans went to bed, unaware that it was the eve of their last day on earth.

For me, that’s surreal. Monday was an ordinary start to the work week. In the evening, people played with their kids, and watched Monday Night Football, and kissed their spouses goodnight. They prepared to go on flights for work, or vacation, or just to make it home. They thought about what bill needed to be paid and the home repair which needed to be completed. They went to sleep like it was any other night and woke up to a beautiful Tuesday morning. Continue reading “The eve of infamy and where I was on 9/11”

The story of the time I lost a job through a “thank you” card

nationwide building

Once upon a time, I had a menial job working for a very large company. I don’t want to name names so I’ll just make something up. Let’s say the company was called “Stationwide.”

So I originally interviewed for a company who did hiring for Stanionwide and they brought me back in for a second interview. After that they said, “Thanks but we don’t like you.” (They didn’t actually say that they didn’t like me but they hired someone else). But a couple weeks later, the position opened back up and I started training. It seemed like fate.

But four weeks later, my assignment was terminated. That was really disappointing. I had never experienced anything like that before. While it wasn’t performance based or because I had done anything wrong, I was done. If you’ve never lost a job like that before, it’s rough.

Continue reading “The story of the time I lost a job through a “thank you” card”

Life announcement

A few weeks ago, I interviewed for and was later offered the position as Director of Student Ministries for Faith Presbyterian Church in McHenry, Illinois. I’m very excited to have this opportunity. Everyone at Faith has already been so welcoming and encouraging. I’ll still be a full time graduate student at Trinity. My primary responsibilities will be overseeing the church’s youth group with middle and high school students, but it’ll include other opportunities, such as occasionally preaching. My first official day in this position will be this upcoming Sunday.

It’ll be the second time I’ve served in this type of capacity, but with more life experience and more formal theological education now than then, I’m really looking forward to working with these students. Early in the semester, I had decided to start looking for a position within a church, and after having a few conversations, I knew I was interested in joining this church.


My birthday: and the story of my first cell phone

Do you remember when you got your first cell phone? I do. For me, it was nine years ago today. The same day as my 18th birthday. From how I remember that first cell phone, it weighed roughly seven pounds and it actually had to be carried in a backpack like a Vietnam era communications device. It had to be operated by a hand crank. It was a phone from Virgin Mobile that I had to pay by the minute (25 cents! In today’s economy, it would be like $3 a minute). If you talked more than 10 minutes in a day, the rate dropped to the much more affordable rate of 10 cents a minute.

Less than a year later, I moved away for college and my mother thought that it would be safer for me to have a phone which would have better coverage throughout Ohio and so I received a flip phone. I begrudgingly gave my original cell phone to my younger sister. Continue reading “My birthday: and the story of my first cell phone”

The story of the time I had to go to the Emergency Room

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I’ve gone to the emergency room once in my life. And it was a year ago today.

This is that story…

So last summer, for a few days, I kept having these shooting pains in my side. At times, they weren’t so bad. At other times, they were terrible. So I sought medical advice (although it was from people I know, and none of them are doctors.) I was “diagnosed” with kidney stones, appendicitis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, and a host of other ailments.

After a couple of days of these shooting pains, I decided that I shouldn’t ignore them anymore and went to urgent care. Continue reading “The story of the time I had to go to the Emergency Room”

Life update: I’m moving to Chicago in 19 days

I’m so excited to be moving to the Chicago area on May 20.

It’s a sudden decision and is something that, just a month and a half ago, was honestly not on my radar and that I hadn’t been considering.

This spring, I started taking graduate classes at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in their Master of Divinity program. Trinity is located in Deerfield, Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago. Continue reading “Life update: I’m moving to Chicago in 19 days”