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Best of 2018. #5 Parents allowing children to decide their gender: why?


As 2018 comes to a close, I am sharing some of my top posts from this year. 

A recent article from NBC talks about a Massachusetts family who are raising their twin boys without a gender. The idea behind this parenting philosophy is to allow the twins to decide for themselves when they’re older.

In the story, the mother made the fair point about how we do have ways how we stereotype little boys and little girls that aren’t always helpful. Many raise girls to be prissy and “girlie,” while boys are raised to be tough and to not cry. These aren’t necessary aspects of masculinity and femininity, on that point, I agree. However to combat those stereotypes, we don’t need to raise children without gender. There are other, healthier approaches.

Society doesn’t dictate gender. God does.

It’s becoming somewhat of a buzz phrase that a person’s gender is a cultural construct.

This idea flatly contradicts the wisdom of human experience and long established cultural norms.

But more importantly, this thinking contradicts God’s creation. God designed men and women in his creation. Our gender is an essential part of our being. Until the last couple years, our society was in pretty solid agreement on this subject. Today, I still believe most people understand this but there is a culture war, and it’s easier to go along with this progressive agenda than to stand for truth.