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The day I met my wife

first look
I talked to my wife for the first time two years ago today.

As I reflect this year, the thing that still amazes me is that I woke up that Monday morning, and it was just a typical day. Took care of some stuff for work, went to the gym, helped some friends move. I had no idea that it was one of the most important days of my life.

Online dating 101: understanding that it’s different from traditional dating

There are a lot of different places where Americans meet their significant others. School, work, church, social organizations, through friends, just to name a few.
But one commonality in these organic means of meeting someone is that you don’t generally pursue a relationship from the start of getting to know them. A relationship or friendship marinates, it grows.
If you meet someone online, it gets the whole process reversed. Instead of getting to know someone and later seeing if a relationship could blossom, with online dating, the start of the conversation is often aimed at screening someone to see if a relationship could be possible.

The first rule of online dating

unsplash-kitsune-3.jpgThis is part of a new series I’m doing in discussing dating, relationships, and marriage from a Christian perspective. 

Never fall in love with someone you’ve never met.

With online dating, it can be easy to quickly get into some very deep conversations with a new person. Maybe you have a few phone calls and the conversation just flows. And. it. is. awesome.

You get that excited tingling feeling “could this be the one?”

But you’re like four days in, and it’s a person who’s still basically a stranger. There’s still a lot to learn. Interacting well with someone who you don’t know can actually be pretty easy to do. There’s a lot to talk about in the beginning because you don’t know anything about each other! But will the conversation still flow after you figure out all of the basics?