March Madness: my bracket

I have decided to switch up my strategy this year. In past seasons, I’ve tried to pick upsets. They can make you look like a genius, but the odds are against you picking the right ones. If you tend to stay with favorites, and they lose, the loss will hurt most other people as well. One exception to this is if there is a star player whose not going to be with his team. Syracuse big man Fab Melo is not eligible to play in the tournament. I think that this will really hurt the Orange and that they are an attractive upset pick for the second round. They play a Kansas State team whose beaten Missouri twice. A lot of pools reward you for picking upsets, and I think that this pick is worth the risk. Even if Syracuse wins this game, I don’t see them making it much further and picking it wrong probably won’t hurt you that much.

Indiana had a key senior tear his ACL in the Big Ten tournament which will affect a team that is under experienced in the tournament. I only like them to win one game.

As an Ohio State fan, I’ve said earlier in the season that this team has been a huge disappointment at times and I think that the region breaks down well for the Bucks.

Everyone seems to be picking Kentucky. They’re a great team, but when everyone seems to lean one way in pools, I struggle to go with the rest of the crowd. I can put them in the national championship game, but I just can’t pick them to win it all.